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"I started this business 46 years ago working as an apprentice at a major workshop for rectification of San Bonifacio.

Today, my colleagues then enjoy a well-deserved retirement and play with the grandkids, I'm still here with my head in the engine oil and oily hands ... "

Who says these words is Signorato Domenico, a great lover of grinding work and workshop manager attached to Zago Ltd.

The team that works with him is made up of experienced professionals in the field of youth and technically prepared. Thanks to our long experience in the industry we are able to provide a wide range of machining operations on vehicles in general, engines for special use, the industrial and agricultural equipment.



But the pride and joy of our Grinding is the modern equipment of which we have in recent years, and of which we are proud. Performs the following operations:

  • Grinding valve seats and compiuterizzata completely automated with maximum tolerance of 1 micron
  • Face milling tool with high precision platinum
  • Balancing CNC high-precision transmission shafts for automotive and industrial parts
  • Supply trasmissions interchangeable
  • Boring cylinders
  • Corrigendum transmission shafts
  • Grinding discs and brake drums
  • Taper grinding flywheels
  • Hydraulic test warheads hot
  • Specific services for cogeneration companies 


Our numerous customers can take advantage of a complete "turnkey" the total or partial revision of the engine which is carried out through the following steps:

  • Withdrawal of the piece at the customer site
  • Diagnosis
  • Estimate the cost and time of action to be submitted to the client before beginning work
  • Intervention works
  • Reassembly
  • Final check
  • Drop off at the customer site

The works are covered by a 1 year warranty

Our company is ASSOCIATED FIR and offers the service (PAF Care Point FIR)    

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