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Zago Chemical Products


Zago Chemical Products

With the aim of ensuring high quality products at competitive prices we have our own range of Zago branded products. Zago Ltd. markets a full range of lubricants, paints,liquids, creams, clearing products, not only addressing the maintenance but also the clearing and beauty of the car.

Intended for the workshop are the following products, for unblocking , brake and clutch cleaners , carburetors , diesel systems , multifunctional products to lubricate the moving parts and eliminate the annoying squeaking,protective paints.

New entries in our product line are the air conditioning products, composing of leak stoppers, tracers, cleaning fluids, lubricating oils, o- rings, seal kits and filters for climate compressors and charging stations.

Products destined for the "beauty" of the car are the spray gloss for the dashboard, black tyres, detergents for washing manual and mechanical vehicles, motorcycles,  heavy commercial vehicles, engines and even industrial floors.

Finally paste and cream emollients, biodegradable hand cleaner and a prodigious product for machine washing clothing for workers (pants, polo shirts, overalls) particularly for the removal of dirt fat, grease and oil: for an elegant and fragrant smell in your workshop...

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