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Computer Services

Today's motorist has become more demanding: they ask their Auto Repairers for additional services, standard responsibilities, courtesy, availability, quality, and guarantee. 

To achieve this goal, the first step is having the presence of adequate computers and programs in the workshop for the production of estimates that help answer the two fundamental problems of motorists: 


1) Having the certainty of knowing how much the repair will cost through the estimate given.

2) Knowing how much time will be necessary until the car will be ready for pick-up.

The first question is answered with the program "Easy Budgets". 
The second is answered with the e-commerce application.



E-Commerce Login





The E-commerce system allows for:
  • Placing orders, allocating the merchandise
  • Verifying the availability of products
  • Verifying purchase conditions
  • Keeping track of the progress of orders in real time (from confirmation to follow-through)
  • Keeping track of invoices
  • To see detailed statistics of purchases
  • To view and take part of promotional campaigns ahead of time
  • To monitor the promotional compaigns and end-of-the-year objectives


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